The House

The "Coin" Harvey Residence, located at 1305 3rd Avenue, is one of Huntington's loveliest and oldest structures.

Home to writer William Harvey, who is most remembered for his theory calling for the free coinage of silver, this cement stucco house is designed
along classical lines with Italianate detailing. A construction date of 1874 is carved into the
façade's center.

The house more recently has been used as apartments. Currently, it is vacant except for a caretaker, there to prevent vandalism.

Charleston Daily Mail columnist Dave Peyton has joined in the call to action to save this historic Huntington, W.Va., landmark. To read a copy of Dave's Feb. 9, 2004, column, click the button at the left or just click here.
The house was featured in an excellent March 30, 2003, story in The Herald-Dispatch by associate editor James E. Casto, coving the structure's history as well as our restoration efforts. To see the story, click the button at the left or just click here.
This wonderful old residence was placed on The National Register of Historic Places in 1971. It is among dozens of historic places registered in Huntington and Cabell County. For a complete list of the area's entries on the Registry, click the button at the left or just click here.

The Coin Harvey House has been left to a foundation for use as a historically preserved building. Its present status is of neglect and disrepair. There are serious foundation and roofing problems. The exterior plaster has begun to fall from the building. Security is being provided by an occupant, and the heat is provided to keep the house from further deterioration and vandalism.

Among the groups working to preserve this classic home are the EJ and Lenore Kaiser & David Gerlach Foundation Board of Directors, the Cabell/Wayne Historic Society, and Huntington Realty Corp.

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